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you wanna talk about dragons


Imagine the day when we can watch all 3 HTTYD movies in a row.




And shorts.
And TV series. In the right order.
It’s going to be amazing.


image I feel like this would be relevant

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American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014)


American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014)

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I’m so glad that this is on netflix now. 

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Why do we make fun of and/or belittle younger people, when that is one of the things we as a generation complain the most about our own elders doing to us?

It is something I see often on the internet, and just because someone in primary or middle school has not yet been through high school or college/university yet (or other education depending on what is available in their country) does not mean that they do not have a right to complain about it being hard?

My younger brothers are doing things that, when I was still in folkeskolen (our version of grade’s 1 to 9) was at a lower level than what they are doing now. Sure, it hasn’t changed all that drastically, but a few years can really do a lot.

I don’t know. I just think it’s fucking hypocritical to laugh at middle schoolers because they “Don’t know what’s coming.” or “Haven’t seen anything yet.” when the majority of the people who do that are the same people pissed at their parents, grandparents and/or older siblings doing the exact same thing!

Like can we just… not do this, please?

I agree with you whole-heartedly. When I was in middle school, I was suicidal and had the worst time at school. Even my twelve year old sister has been having panic attacks and is being bullied by her own teachers. I dont see why things are any better for them than they were for us.

See, theyre kids, just like we are. Theyre developing intelligent minds and being to understand themselves. If you think they dont have a say in any situation because theyre children is the EXACT same fuckin thing the previous generations have been doing to us. Sure they dont have to pay taxes or juggle finances, but crushing them now isnt going to make things any easier.

Plus, when you consider America’s long-standing shitstorm of making things worst for kids throughout the years, they just might be going through more shit than anyone. Sure they might act like douchebags, but bullying is not teaching. These are the people who will soon be helping us fight for our rights as equal human beings. If you dont show them that things will get better, they might never live to see it.

Stop being assholes. We’re all people with feelings and problems. These are fresh minds that have not yet been hard-pressed into acting like shits forever, like most of our elders. They will change from their immature actions, like we have. Just be patient and teach them the difference between right and wrong, and maybe then you wont hate them as much (and in turn, be a mega jerkface).

the upd8 made me physically sick i am going to need time to recover